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Welcome to the VultusApp!
The precision farming platform
Our services:
State-of-the-art services to save up to 30% of fertilizes and increase yields by 3-5%.
Nitrogen Prescriptions
The system analyzes crops need for nitrogen and provides prescription file.
Soil Organic Carbon
Patented AI algorithms process optical data in combination with datasets to measure soil fertility.
Plant Health
We use a wide range of different indices to provide crop-specific analysis of the fields.
Vultus-eliminate waste in farming
How does it work?
Improved scouting
Monitor your fields while being at home. Detect anomalies and focus on these areas.
Early detection
Remote sencing technologies allow to detect any changes in plants even before visible by the human eye.
Nitrogen prescriptions
Check nitrogen needs of your plants and generate variable-rate prescription files for your tractor.
Save on fertilizes
Save up to 30% of nitrogen fertilizes through variable-rate input.
Increase yields
Increase the quality and amount of yields
by 3-5%.
Soil fertility
Patented AI algorithm to check Soil Organic Carbon values in the field.
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